Specialist and Decorative Plaster Work

Our traditionally trained craftsmen can provide specialist plastering services such as cornice and coving repairs. This involves taking mouldings from your current cornices and building templates of these to ensure the reinstated work is an exact match. We also have a range of bespoke handmade coving which can be fitted to any room. 

Exterior Repairs

If you live in a traditional built stone house with stone based window mullions and bands, it is likely that you will need these repaired to make them look like the original stone work. This is a specialist service we provide. We can match almost exactly the finish and colour of the stone window bands, lintels and mullions to ensure the work looks original to the build of the house. We can also provide a repair service to any perished or weathered stone, giving them a finish to match the original stugging work and carvings.

For more information about any of the interior and exterior specialist plaster work we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.